Canicross, Bikejöring, Dogscootering, Skijöring, Mushing – We have the stuff for you, you just have fun!

Dryland Mushing develops with amazing speed into a trend sport: from events with fun-sport-character all the way to top-notch competitive sports. As Mono Dryland Mushing Sport with one or two dogs at CaniX Run, with a bike or with a dogscooter. 

Or with an extended dog team consisting of huskies or hounds in front of a training cart or dog sledge on snow.

If you’ve tasted blood at Camp Canis, Strong Dog or Tough Race or when you’ve approached the world elite with your performance, you don’t want to make any compromise anymore if it comes to your equipment.

Those who know us should be aware that we always go the other way. Craftsmanship and much engineering result in products that mostly are unique. They enable you to solely focus on your goal.



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We love what we do! SLEDWORK is a family full of enthusiastic dog lovers, you will notice that in our products: sophisticated technology, reduced to the essentials, reliable for many years.

The northern edge of the Swabian Alb – directly in front of our home – is a perfect territory with endless paths and single trails. Moreover, the southwest of Baden Wuerttemberg is a downright weather kitchen, which challenges man and material again and again when you are out there with your dogs.

Here is the place where we put our equipment with our hounds to the acid test. In addition, we get precious input from our athletes from team SLEDWORK, who are enthusiastic runners, bikers, or dog scooters themselves.

Remembering the foundation of SLEDWORK back in 1992 is like a journey into the past, when we started out with much zeal and our heads full of ideas. But going this long way was worth it and even today, we still work with the same devotion and excitement as we did on the very first day.

With our products, we can share this enthusiasm with our customers, many of whom we know personally. Thus, our SLEDWORK family grows almost every day.